Innovating Water Solutions for a Sustainable Future


At CUH2O, we believe in the power of innovation to reshape industries and create a more sustainable world.

With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of water's vital role in our lives, we've embarked on a journey to revolutionize water treatment solutions across various sectors. From residential pools to large-scale agriculture, our mission is to provide effective, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient alternatives that not only meet but exceed expectations.

CUH2O is EPA Approved
CUH2O partners are Green Globe Certified!
CUH2O partners are among the Infrastructure Sustainability Council!
CUH2O partners are among the Water Quality Association!
CUH2O is rewriting the rules of water treatment!

CUH2O's Vision

Our vision is simple yet profound:

To transform the way water is treated, used, and cherished. We envision a world where water solutions are not only effective but also environmentally conscious, contributing to a healthier planet and a better quality of life for all.

Innovative Approach

At the heart of CUH2O lies innovation.

We're not content with the status quo; we continuously push boundaries and explore new possibilities. By harnessing the power of mineral-based solutions and advanced technologies, we are reshaping industries, improving water quality, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

CUH2O is a  Mineral-Based Formulation With Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

At the heart of CUH2O's effectiveness lies its unique mineral-based formulation. We harness the absolute powers of copper sulfate pentahydrate, a vitamin-grade mineral compound known for its antimicrobial properties. This formulation is a key component in addressing a range of water-related purity challenges.

"Copper Water"

CUH2O is a Broad Spectrum Treatment Used as an Algicide, Bactericide and Fungicide!

Algicide, Bactericide, Fungicide

CUH2O's is more than just "coper water," its complete effectiveness extends past across multiple domains: algicide, bactericide, and fungicide. By targeting a broad spectrum variety of microorganisms, our new unique solution provides a comprehensively designed water treatment, ensuring water quality and health.

"H2O Treatment"

CUH2O is a Total Continuous Disinfection Solution!

Long-lasting Total Disinfection

Unlike traditional treatments that can lose effectiveness over time, CUH2O maintains its disinfection capabilities throughout its application. The ultra-fine particles of copper sulfate pentahydrate remain suspended in the water, ensuring continuous disinfection without sinking to the bottom of the water or losing its potency over time.

"H2O Disinfection"

CUH2O is Gentle on Organisms and Eco-Friendly

No Harm to Aquatic Lifeforms

CUH2O's gentle approach to water treatment minimizes the overall impact on the environment. Our solution breaks down into tiny fine molecular structures that do indeed remain suspended, ensuring that it doesn't sink to the bottom of the water and has the essential factor that it doesn't harm aquatic life. It's a miraculous product.

"Harmless to Life"

CUH2O Helps Regenerative Soil Health

Healthy Chemical Alternative

In agricultural applications, CUH2O goes beyond water treatment. It supports soil health and overall nutrient availability, contributing to enhanced crop growth and overall sustainability yielding bigger, healthier crops, with less risk of disease and use of chemical interventions to treat common farm issues.

"Farmers Secret"

CUH2O is Cost-effective for Consumer and Industrial Applications

Residential and Commercial

CUH2O is designed with cost-efficiency in mind for both consumers and commercial applications. By reducing the use of excessive chemical treatments and most often a need for frequent shocking interventions, CUH2O offers you long-term savings while maintaining water quality. We offer wholesale discounts.

"30%+ Savings"

CUHO Aids Ongoing Water Management

Reliable Consistent Solution

CUH2O's easy user-friendly application ensures hassle-free simple ongoing water treating management. By incorporating CUH2O into your maintenance routine, you ensure a consistent reliable level of your water quality without the need for constant tests, monitoring or chemical interventions.

"Easy to Use"

CUH2O is a Patented Product With EPA Approved Safety

Patented and EPA Approved

CUH2O's specific patented effectiveness is not only just scientifically proven but also it is fully EPA approved. This validation confirms its safety for use in a variety of various applications, from residential pools to agricultural settings.

EPA Registration #: 88704-1

USA Patent #: 6565893-B1

"Patent Approved"

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is a core value that guides everything we do.

Our solutions are designed with the environment in mind, reducing chemical dependency, minimizing water wastage, and supporting regenerative practices. With CUH2O, we're not just offering products; we're offering a commitment to responsible water management.

So Simple and Very Easy to Use

Algicide, Bactericide, Fungicide

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

Support Earth
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CUH2O is Patented and has EPA Approval!

Patented EPA Approval

Our dedication to quality and effectiveness is reflected in our EPA approval. CUH2O solutions have met rigorous standards, ensuring that they not only perform exceptionally but also adhere to the highest levels of safety and environmental responsibility. United States Patent Number: US-6565893-B1

Environmental Protection Agency Reg. 88704-1

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We understand the diverse needs of industries and individuals alike, which is why we offer customizable solutions that cater to specific requirements. Whether you're a homeowner, a farmer, or a business owner, CUH2O has a solution for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more on how to join the revolution!

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CUH2O has a Customer-Centric Approach to Business and Sustainability

Customer-Centric Approach

Join us in the mission to totally revolutionize water treatment. With CUH2O, you're not just embracing a solution; you're becoming part of a movement that values modern innovation, true sustainability, and the responsible uses of our planet's most precious resource, H2O (water)!

I have saved hundreds of dollars by putting CUH2O into my pool, and the water is so much cleaner with less maintenance."

— Doug S.

Anniston, GA

CUH2O - Revolutionizing Water Treatment Solutions for Pools, Agriculture, and More!

Your Path to Cleaner, Healthier Water Starts Here:

At CUH2O, we believe that water treatment shouldn't be a burden. It should be a choice that improves your quality of life while respecting the environment. Explore our website to learn more about the benefits, applications, and science behind CUH2O. We're so very pleased that you're joining us in embracing a new era of water treatment that's effective, sustainable, and health-conscious.

Copyright © 2024 CUH2O, LLC. All Rights Reserved. EPA Reg.: 88704-1 | Patent #: US-6565893-B1

Copyright © 2024 CUH2O, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

EPA Reg.: 88704-1 | Patent #: US-6565893-B1